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ehsan rafee

Ehsan Rafee

I am a Full Stack engineer with backend development, automation Ops and writing scripts experience. Life is a continuous learning process, so work makes me more rigorous, travel makes my life more colorful. I can make lots of friends when I coding and travel. I love learn and use new and powerful technology and i love backend development and Its challenges. i teach music and play guitar professionally.

My Career


I worked Frelance 1 Year... Technology used> asp.net mvc, bootstrap3, jquery, css, html

Mar. 2016
Full Stack Web Developer


I worked at Kasra For 1 Year... Kasra is a medium size company (150-500 personnel) *** Technology used> asp.net webforms, asp.net mvc, windows forms, sql, tfs, jquery

Mar. 2017
Full Stack Developer


I work at Zamin Now... Zamin is a small size company (0-10 personnel) but the edge of technology *** Technology used> Kotlin, Postgres, Akka Actor, Microservices, Websocker, Rest Full Api, git, intelij

Apr. 2018
Senior Backend Developer

My Skills

My Projects



This project is a charity website. I use kotlin to develop backend and frontend is reactjs.



This project is project management in mobile base for user and web base for admin. I use kotlin and postgres and akka and microservices, also use redis for caching proccessed data.



This project is a dialog transporter from telegram to balonet. I use kotlin to develop 3 bot work together and i use postgresql to store data and also use akka actor.



This is a bot who has a lot of options and do many things to you.



This is an integrated project with Ballonet, which provides you with the control and management of the balonet project at the same time..